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 Just when things were starting to be routine

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PostSubject: Just when things were starting to be routine   Sat Mar 17, 2012 12:00 pm

Helga shook her head. It was odd to be moved to a different location without warning. She and her former roommate hadn't seen any of each other...maybe this was Briar-Rose's, or Eris's, way of trying to get her comfortable on the island. She didn't much mind, one way or the other. No matter what person was set in a room with her, Helga could easily avoid the individual by exploring the rest of the castle. Perhaps she'd even venture outside, but her pale complexion was not made for tropical climes.

"I guess the best thing for which I can hope is someone who minds their own business. Or, at least, someone who doesn't mind mine." she muttered in German.

"And, as long as I am permitted wishful thinking," she mused, "Someone who will keep things orderly would be preferable to a slob."
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Just when things were starting to be routine
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