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 Paris trip + Study,

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PostSubject: Paris trip + Study,   Tue Feb 07, 2012 2:49 am

Hii guys,

I will be going to Paris tomorrow. (Wednesday the 8th of February.) Till Friday the 10th, I will return at midnight X.X So Saturday I will be dead too XD And Sunday I will have to study v.v''

So I will be inactive for those days. Not sure if my hotel at Paris has internet connection, If it does YEY INTERNET! If it doesn't well you'll see me next week Monday XD

And don't think that I won't look at you, Anya will be keeping an eye on you. If you misbehave >.>


But anyway!

Till next Monday XD!!

~Audrey (Eris, BriarRose)
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Paris trip + Study,
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