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 Departing to your rooms.

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PostSubject: Departing to your rooms.   Tue Feb 14, 2012 2:52 am


Some of you have already asked me about meeting others out your own group. Well this coming Friday all the characters will depart from their location and head to the tree of life.

Aurora's group will just follow her, The others will notice a 'new' location on their maps and follow it.
There are 10 rooms, (Due to I will soon open new auditions for new males. I want 3 new males and 1 new owner for John Smith. So if you know somebody who would like to join. Let them contact me.)
When you have your room and such you can rp freely with whoever you would like to ^^

You will not have a room of your own, You will share this room with another person. You can choose which character you would like to share your room with. You will have to send me a pm with the name of the person/character you would like to share your room with. And what room you would like to have.
If I do not receive a pm from you I will put you into a room with somebody randomly.

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Departing to your rooms.
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